Favia - sickness?


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I have had this favia for several months and it has thrived with good color and aggressive eating (mysis and krill pieces). Unfortunately, over the past week or two its condition has degraded - more brown color and spotted with white specs. I have not moved it or changed any water or light conditions - 79F, 9-10 dKh, 440 Ca, 1280 Mg, 1.024 SG. It still extends polyps at night OK, but does not look puffy like it used to. I have another favia in the tank that looks great.

Favia - One month ago

Favia - Now

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!


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This particular one has always had extra large polyps. Both pictures above are during feeding time when they extend the feeders. I am mainly concerned with the color change. The white specs seem like his internal skeleton "poking" through. I am unsure.

Any other thoughts to check?

kev apsley

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I agree, it looks better now than when you first got it, it appears to look healthy and have better color now. As far as it not being puffy, I'm not quite sure how puffy you want it? The only thing that would affect that is flow, how much flow do you have it in? But as I said before it looks healthy, I don't see any white spots either, can you post a better pic of them or describe them a bit better?