Favorite fish?


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Because I'm bored I thought it'd be fun to do a new thread with everybody's all-time favorite fish. They don't have to be ones that you have in your tank but they do have to be ones that can be kept in the home aquaria (aka no whale sharks).

Mine: interruptus angel :)


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Inside my tank would be the male Squarespot anthias....outside my tank would be the juvenile Imperator.


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Wow, tough decision... I really like lionfish, but the regal blue tang is right up there.... toss a coin


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my old pistol shrimp that died......

Was a very large tiger pistol and you could hand feed him. He was really really cool. my wife loved him.

If I had to go fish, my yellow tang is still tops. I have 10 other types of fish but my yellow is still the only one that will let me hold him in the water when I feed or put some nori up.


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I think my favourite is the juvenile Imperator...the combination of colours and small size make them look incredible.

Full grown, probably clownfish. They've got spunk


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Of the fish that I've kept, I would have to say any variety of clownfish. I currently have a tomato "clownzilla" that has been in my tank for a couple of years. Even though she is frustrating at times, I would definitely be lost without her.

Out of my realm of possibility though would be a shoal...beautiful fish and I could only hope to one day have a big enough tank to house one.


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Powder Blue or Sohal tang. Alas, my tank is too small to keep either.:sad2:

In my tank it would have to be my lavender tang or arc-eyed hawk, however, my new scribbled rabbit is nice and my pinkspot goby is quite the character but so are my starry night and bi-color blennies, and I love watching my percula clowns while laying in bed as I go to sleep.... do I HAVE to pick ONE? I revolt against this favorite fish picking, they're all my favorites!:hammer::lol: