Favourite fish poll.

Favourite fish poll.

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Choose one, and when you vote please specify each species. Also if you vote for other please say what fish.


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Longnose Hawkfish, great personality, beautiful, model citizen (some may not behave around shrimp) and cheap. What's not to love!


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I like my six line. He never stops cruising the rocks. When visitors come over and watch for a while they always comment once they notice him. Next comes my CBB then my purple tang then my kole tang


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I always loved blonde naso tangs. Finally got one and its way cooler in person. Got along with everyone right away and he is a pig! Eats everything.


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Sorry, I did not see your message about only voting for one until after I voted... (opening messages should be at the top of the poll!)

My favorite types of fish are wrasses, gobies and butterfly fish.

If I had to only pick one fish, it would be the Dragon Wrasse - probably the most interesting and interactive fish I have ever had (and that's saying something since I've had fish/aquariums for almost 30 years...

Although, after studying Animal behavior in college, I have to say a close second would be the barracuda that House of Fins had in their marine pond. Crazy smart fish and super interesting. I plan to build a marine pond at some point just for a barracuda...


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Too hard to have just one favorite... My favorites are the Red Sea Regal, orange spot filefish, evansi anthias, and eightline flasher wrasse.


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I voted for tangs because they get good size, are actice, and make good reef fish. Plus my favorite fish are the achilles tang, and moorish idol.
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