feather dusters


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ok so my buddies 210 gallon tank cracked... sux becuase he was holding an anemone for me that i can't fit in my tank anymore...

becuase he was just going to sell everything back to the fish store untill he can afford to buy another tank, he let me have some things for free...

i pick up a couple of snails, hermits, xenia, the protein skimmer (sea clone 150 hang on) and some feather dusters.... "i made out in my opinon"

***To the point already***

Do you feed feather dusters? or just dose like any other coral? phytoplankton? calcium? mag? iodine?

what's up???

sombody help me out...

**oh and to the people i talk to about not being able to afford my tank last month... MY STUDENT LOAN CHECK CAME IN!!! so i purchase 50lbs of instant ocean, plenty of fish food, and huge bottles of CA, MAG, IODINE... i'm set for couple months***

I"m so happy i'm keeping the tank!!!

thanx ahead for any information pertaining to feather dusters... let me stop rambling now ;)


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I have had a feather duster in my tank for over 2 years and never feed it. It filters microscopic organisms from the water column.


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Thats a good link. I got the "cluster dusters" in my tank. I hate them, they are worse than aptasia, or xenia. Despite their beauty, they do truly grow like weeds.

I find mine will make their tube out of watever they dont eat. Like detritus, sand particles. Funny, because if I fog up the tank 10 time out of the day, they will get a "candy cane" tube of detritus and sand. white, brown, white brown. Kinda neat.


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They eat everything in the water. Phyto,plankton,bacteria ect.

I would get one of the bigger ones. They are not so easy to reproduce.

A tip, they loose their crown(fans) when they are stressed by water quality or starving.