feather dusters....

Bobby A.

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i have two larg feather dusters one rarely comes out when the lights are on the other hasnt come out at all since i got him.... had him like a week. he is still alive and has glued himself down.... what could be the problem???


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water parameters and flow have alot to do with extention of FD's. need more info on those before giving a correct answer.

Bobby A.

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nitrite- 0
kh- 9

the one that only comes out at night would be the one that doesnt really get optimal water flow the one that doesnt come out is on top of LR about an inch away from direct water flow from a power head.


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i don't feed mine anything in particular and they're spreading like crazy and always wide open. I think they find enough stuff in the water column to feed on. They seem to respond well to cyclopeeze but I think they're like SPS and feed on the fish poo when I stir up the sand a bit.


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I've had mine disappear for up to 10 days or so when making a new plume or extending it's casing. It'll come out when it's ready.


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Mine recently lost it's feather. I found it in the plate corals mouth. This was about a week ago. My wife noticed last night that a new feather is starting to poke out of the hole. When I first got mine I just laid it on the sand and it moved to just beneath a rock. It likes this spot.

I use cyclopeze and it only gets what food is in the water column.

If your calcium, alkalinity, magnesium are at the approriate levels the critter should be all right. Granted that the rest of the parameters are ok as well.