Februrary Meeting 2-16-08


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This Months meeting will be on Saturday February 16 at 3pm.
Alemab3 (Mike) has agreed to host the meeting for the club. He has an awesome 125 gallon tank. For those who have never seen Mike's tank:


Mike has a very nice tank and some great DIY projects. His corals are top notch. He travels a lot and picks up choice corals up the eastern seaboard. Not something to miss. Please arrive promptly at 3pm so we can start on time.

Topics to cover

1. Mike's tank
2. Vote for banner and logo if complete
3. Preview website and forum (not complete yet) set launch date
3a. Additional items we should have on the website
4. Mystery Frag swap*
5. Ways to grow our active membership
6. Trip ideas - how to fund.
7. Renew any outstanding memberships/ New members
8. Set meeting dates till summer break
9. Summer BBQ?
10. Middletown / Dover meeting for April (Tank tour or Location)

*At this meeting we will have a mystery frag swap. We would like to get as many people to bring 1 frag to the meeting. Every member who brings a frag will draw to receive a mystery frag. This frag should be something that will do well under low to med light. It does not have to be large, maybe 2-3 polyps or heads.

If you have checked the poll for meeting dates you will see Saturday was #1 with 9 votes. (4 + 5 for either Sat/Sun) Sunday #2 (3 + 5 either Sat/Sun) And Monday was close behind with 5. So we will try having meetings alternate between Monday and Either Sat/Sun. We will publish the calendar of dates after the February meeting.

As always please arrange all swaps of equipment or frags before the meeting.


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Address will be sent via email. If you can attend, please post here so we can get a head count for refreshments.


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Me too...too...~

Even if Joe No go...
EMO no go...
EMO go and...
Joe No Go...


I still go!!!

Because I Can't wait to see how Mike's tank has grown since the last time we have seen it!!


We have a GO!!


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Just north of Newark Suu-bar-rooooo! I will email Directions ln the coming monthly meeting E-mail notice. RSVP


If you do not believe you are on the DRC mailing list, or did not receive a notice last month, and would like to attend, please update me by a PM with your name and home email address, and I will include you in the monthly notice mailing list with directions. And also notices for other club functions. New or prospective members are invited and appreciated! Sign up sheets available 24/7. Minimal club cover charge ... Is Required. But the first one is always FREE.


control of your monitor has now been returned to you.

Good Night...

And Good Luck!!!


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11668832#post11668832 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by cdangel0
I'll be there. Does he have a bar too?

now thats the kind of question I would have asked!!!



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woohoooo i can finaly join and hope i got a frag to bring but if not my wife runs a chip rt for herrs and can bring chips if needed just let me know


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I was hoping to come home with a ton of pics and show everyone at the meeting, but unfortunately that probably won't be the case. Regardless I will probably be there and it is likely Steph will tag along as well. Can't miss the chance to see his tanks last time as I did last year.


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Im hoping that me and my girlfriend will be able to make it to this one... nothing huge going on that day that I know of so it looks pretty good... by the way, im sending that email about getting on the list now...


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Oh yeah I'll be there.

I am bringing 2 mystery frags. Nice stuff too. and at least 3 - 2 head orange ricordia (that will eventually split into 2) to raffle off.


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Hey guys don't worry about refreshments I will cover that. I have several frags and look forward to seeing you guys and gals.

P.S. No bar but I do have beer


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Thanks Mike. I will try to bring a frag of something new for your tank . Just to say thanks for hosting. I will have to scratch my head though, to remember what you don't have?

Is there anything special you are looking for?