Feed Mode Seting?


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I recently just purchased an AI Prime 16HD light and I've stumbled upon a "feed mode" setting.

I was wondering what a good light setting would be for this mode as I assume it's used to get the fish more engaged in the feeding process.

The picture attached is what I run for my lights throughout the day.

Thanks for any help in advance!


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I have the same light... for about 2 years now. Never once have I lowered the lights to accommodate feeding. I do however shut the pump and powrheads off for 15 min. Addtionally, I have an even more powerful light on my setup, and this just has full on or off... no issues. Whule I did y answer it directly, I hope that helps in making a choice. Perhaps someone else uses the setting. Take care and enjoy the light!


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I dont have this light but I do change the color of my radions with my Alex and wxm a few min before I auto feed. So my fish start swimming faster and way more active during that time.

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