Feeding clownfish


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Hi, i just posted on the 'new to the hobby' forum, but this might be a better place to ask this question.

i just got 2 occelaris clownfish, and the guy at the LFS told me to feed them one cube of frozen brine shrimp. is this way too much? how do some of you feed ur clownfish? Do you thaw the cube? dump the frozen cube in? what are some of your techniques?

i let my cube thaw out in a glass and then added some tank water into it. then i just dumped the whole thing in. i guess i shouldve turned off my powerheads first, cus it made a brine shrimp storm! also my clownfish didnt seem to like the brine shrimp, she would eat one brine shrimp, then spit it back out, eat another, then spit it back out. did any one experience this before?



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brine shrimp are nutrient poor its like feeding them french fries.

mysis shrimp is a better option if you want to go frozen. your technique is right but you might want to use a syringe so you can use less food so it doesnt pollute the tank.

personally i prefer flake or a prepared food.

clowns can go on hunger strikes after being moved theyll mouth foods then spit them back out dont panick they will usually start eating within the first week.