feeding dwarf angels


SPS Crazy
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I have 5 dwarf angles what is the best thing to feed them. I also have a foxface,copper banded butterfly and a Harlequin tusk that I would like to get out of there but he likes it in there 240 gallon tank 300# live rock soon to have sps coral I ahve been feeding them frozen lifeline red and green 1 a day is there any thing else they will eat like kale ect.


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I feed my Centropyge angels blender mush once a day and leave nori on a clip for them while I'm away at work. The mush is a mix of frozen seafood blend, scallops, mysis, plankton, Marine Cuisine, Hikari angel formula, dried seaweeds, vitamins and pellets. They go crazy at feeding time, they're much more enthusiastic about this food than anything I've ever brought home from the LFS.