Feeding Harlequins


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I just received a Harlequin Tusk from LA - bigger than I expected at about 6 in.:eek2:

I typically feed a mix of frozen PE Mysis, Rod's food, Spirulina and a couple of others; (and seaweed for the Tangs).

I have read that a good way to get them to eat is feed claims on the half shell (over linguini?) I have the frozen clams ready at home as well.

What is your suggestion as to best get him to eat? If the claims, do I just open the frozen clam, rinse it off (or better yet let it sit in some tank water to rinse off first?), and place in the tank for him to hopefully pick at? Other feeding suggestions for him? Hello Mr Tuskfish, other experts out there? Thanks


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It should eat anything meaty - I have only had one, but it ate almost immediately out of the bag.


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Mine pounds silversides and any mysis. I was told by the previous owner that it would eat pellets, nori, and flake, but so far in the week I've had him only those 2 meaty foods have been touched. I expect him to continue to eat more as he gets excited when the others are feeding on various foods. Good luck with yours!