Feeding my Fish


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I need some help with feeding my fish. I would like to buy an auto feeder. I am not sure what to buy or to look at. I would like to find the best diet for my fish and how often I should feed them. I am getting some Nori to start feeding them. I feed them flake food and some instant ocean seaweed blend. My fish look healthy but my tang is not as fat as I would like to see him. I want to get my fish on the right track before I have problems. My tank is a 55, has 75-100 pounds of live rock, Corals, several hermits, 2 snails. Everything seems to be doing great.

Yellow Tang
Fire Shrimp
2 Black and White Clowns

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Diamond Watchman Goby
Eyelash Lawnmower Blenny



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Good diet is a varied one. I have a auto feeder for the flake food. Your tang needs algae in its diet. Provide it naturally or you can add nori clipped to the side of the glass or anchored to your rock. My auto feeder is on 2 times daily and then i feed a mixture of squid, shrimp, and mysis once in the evening. My tank is a little larger 125g with a blue face trigger, blue face angel, yellow tang, flame angel, 2 ocellaris clowns, 1 bangaii cardinal, midas blenny, and about 7 hermit crabs. Good luck


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I use a ehiem auto feeder for my spectrum pellets and it works well. had it for over a year and no issues. its set for twice a day for a snack. then feed a mix of mysis, reef caviar, squid and brine in the evenings as well as seaweed clipped to a rock on the bottom for the tangs. Good luck