Feeding strategies for aggressive damsels and shy blenny/clown


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Hi folks -- I've got a 45 Oceanic tech series, with three small P. auriventris (goldbelly damsels), S. ramosus (starry blenny), and P. biaculeatus (maroon clown). I just added the three damsels, after the larger fish had been settled and well-fed for around 6mo. As anyone who is familiar with these damsels knows, these are gorgeous fish, relatively mild temperament (compared to other damsels), but they ARE damsels. These guys are pigs, and they get to the food way before my clown or blenny can.

Suggestions for feeding? I've never owned damsels before. Do I just feed until the damsels quit eating (I can't imagine them NOT eating), continue to try to target feed (this is nearly impossible), or what? Any strategies you have are very welcome.

Thanks all!