Feeding, When to Stop?


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When is the recommended time to stop feeding phyto to clams? I currently feed my 2" ultra maxima twice/week via pulling him out and putting him in a small plastic dish. I do dose the tank regularly.


I also do the samething with my babies but if you dose your tank and also feed you fish well, he should be fine. They also feed off the fish waste as well.

There isn't really a rule of thumb but if you don't mind taking them out every other day or so then I would continue. No doubt it is better but some people do not want to do that.
To save stress on my self and a lot of wet sleeves and floors for clam spitting I just started doesing my tank daily with 1 ml. per gal of dts and my clams are doing great and no algea blow to mention in the month and half I have been doing it, as a metter of fact there has not been a spot of troublsome algea since I started now that I think about it. This is a 37 gall tank so I only use lilke 5 ml. aday since there is only about 25 gall of water after rock sand.

This will be changing this weekend when they move to my upgraded 125 when I add the lights and new canopy. Then Dts will be disappaering alot faster from my LFS. Will jump up to arond 12 ml aday which I all ready started to get tank ready for clams.