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so now that we have all moded or 24gal nano cube w/ a larger pump and cool cassette skimmer ...does anyone have a problem when it comes to feeding time....i feed my fish those frozen cubes but they dont float around long enough....should i shut the pump off when i feed....i have true perc,a damsel,a red headed mex goby,royal grama,and a psycadelic mandarin
Take the cube and put it in a container with some warm water. Stir it up a bit andwhen it thaws dump the contents in the tank. It will scatter much better. Do you have a Hydro wheel on your return? This seems to scatter food through out the tank much better.
I always thaw the food in some water first then dump it in, the stuff goes all over the place.
Always rinse that frozen cube food in a brine shrimp net to thaw and get rid of the gelatin that holds it together. It's a source of phosphate. I turn the pump off for a bit, grab that cassete mod first if you don't have it glued down.
Holy crap, you have a lot of fish in a 24g tank.
ya they are all pretty small right now in a month or two they will all be transfered to my main tank...75gal display w/ 40 gal sump..right now thay are all pretty happy no signs of stress