Female not letting male in anemone

Kevin McRae

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I've had a pair of tomato clowns for about 3 months now and I just recently got a large GBTA. The first night I got it the male was in it the whole time. The next morning the female was in it and the male was out. Now the female is constantly in it but if the male comes in the female chases him away. The male hangs around it but usually beside or underneath it.

Is this normal with this species and to a new host? Hopefully they start getting along better like they use to. Haha.


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Completely normal. Female is showing her dominance and will let him in when ready. took my male about 2-3 weeks before he was allowed in and allowed to sleep there. A couple months later she still kicks him out every once and a while when they get in a fight lol
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you can tell that they are married, my wife trys that crap with me:uzi:.... get out of here, go to work and make me lots of money... everyday....lol:hmm4:


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I had the same problem with my onyx clowns when I introduced the new sebae. They will eventually share it

Kevin McRae

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Lol, so in the day the male hosts the xenia right beside the anemone and when the female isn't looking sneaks into the nem.

Even more hilarious fish to watch with an anemone now. Haha.