few frags fs


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i have a few nice pieces,,give me a text or call if ur interested

jesse 9167173022

1x jaw breaker mushroom $80
2x dendro $25 each
1x duncan $10
1x 3 head acan $10
1x baby forrest fire mushroom $15
1x superman mushroom w watermelon zoas $20
1x 2p night crawler palys $25
1x 2p sick red palys w green center $20
1x 2p sunny d $10


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What's a forest fire?



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Forest fire shrooms look like this. Super bright and from exotic frags if you care about lineage.


Sorry if this isn't ok just trying to help a nice guy out

And maybe he'll give me the jawbreaker ;)

Diamond Jack

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Man I should at least get a token thank you zoa for throwing my opinion out there on the forrrrest fire. I would have linked the picture if my work didn't block the nvr site ;( . Oh well, enjoy that Jawbreaker Colin.