Few items for trade or sale


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I have a few items I'm looking to sell or trade. I'd rather trade with a reefer rather than sell him/her something. I'll post a price and if you want it you can either buy it at that price or trade(preferred) me a coral of equal value. I'm into SPS and LPS, no softies please. Some frags or a colony? I'm also looking for a small Kole Tang and dosing pumps. Try me, the worst I can say is no.

First item is a ReefKeeper Lite. Includes a head unit, PC4 power strip, 2 temp probes and the original box and paperwork it came with. I recently upgraded to an APEX and no longer have a use for it. Its in good working order. $80

Next I have an EcoSystem fuge. Measures 24"x8"x8". Bulkhead on each end and drilled for a float valve. No cracks or leaks. $55

Lastly I have a DIY T5 set up with bulbs. Includes Workhorse 5 ballast, 4 reflectors, 2 Aqua Blue Special 24w bulbs, 2 Coral Plus 24w bulbs (all bulbs about 4 months old), 8 waterproof end caps and all wires needed. Just set it up and plug it in. All in good working order, great for frag tank. $90