Filter cups


What are people putting in their cups?

I have been using filter pads, but not sure if that is best.

I do have carbon and Phosguard in mesh bags inside my sump, but maybe this bags should be in the cups?



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I gave up on cups. For me, they were inefficient and anything I tried clogged up too quickly. Went to mesh socks in lieu of the cups or the felt socks and I've been much happier.

When I ran the cups, I put ceramic bioballs on the bottom, followed by a sponge disk. The disks would clog up quickly and too much waste got through, making my DT water look cloudy all the time.

I then tried floss on top, which clogged up even quicker and made my skimmer go nuts for up to a day after adding new floss.

Then I tried a sponge block on top of a dispersion trickle plate over the cups, which also clogged up very quickly and made my sock chamber overflow constantly.

I also tried media bags inside the cups, and the bags would also clog up quickly.

This is on a Trigger Systems Sapphire 44 sump, using triple 4" cups/socks.

The mesh socks keep my water looking crystal clear and I can go over a month with out having to swap them out.


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When I used cups I found the Tunze Macro Wadding worked best. It's more coarse than your typical polyester floss, yet still quite efficient at trapping debris. A little goes a long way. I'd cut a little piece and fluff it up then very lightly fill the cup. It holds it shape well without compacting and would last about a week before overflowing.