Filter recommendation - lower water level without splashing


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Long story short, I'm starting a Zoa nano (~10g), custom built acrylic by me, PAR38 LED light, vortech, etc.

This is completely separate and isolated from my main tank. No heat thus far has shown little to no evaporation, so at this point I don't even have a sump planned (yes, I know that's against recommendation, but just roll with it ;) ).

So my question is, does anyone know of a decent hang on back for basic filtration (little carbon, particle collection, etc) that has a lower exit point. My water level will likely remain 1.5-2" from the top of the acrylic and I don't want a bunch of splashing or salt spray, so I'm looking for something that has a low water exit. I'd also want to stay away from anything bulky in-tank to conserve space.


Couple teaser shots. The tank is cycling now with a mixture of aquacultured florida rock and dry rock.





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Well, I never received any feedback so hit a few of the LFS that I wouldn't ever really ever go into for supplies (petsmart, petland, etc). I found the Hagen Marina S15. It's a very slim, very low profile, low hanging filter. Better yet, the pump is in water and hides nicely in the back right corner.