Filter socks on sump with Sps


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100 micron soc on the outlet of my skimmer, changed every couple of days.

Why? Because micro bubble are the devil :mad2:

I have seen no adverse affects as long as you keep it clean.



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I switch one out every day. Lots of stuff is caught in them and is probably too large for the skimmer.


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Can't go wrong with those socks !
Also can save a pump in the long run.I've burned a pump out due to a unwanted snail that got down in the sump.A good investment .But you need extra's to change out.


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Change our every 3d day or so. Picks up the lg particles that use to recycle through the tank and floated around. Clearer water also keep a few extra on hand when changing out.


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Yeah I use them. Mainly for micro bubble control. I've to my drain into it and the outlet of my ER skimmer is dumping into it as well.

I change it every 3 or 4 days.


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I swap out a sock every 2-3 days. I have it hooked up to the overflow and my Deltec skimmer output. It helps with sound, micro bubbles, and particulate the skimmer isn't getting.


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I use 'em 4 at a time now! To both collect gross particulate matter and to reduce the amount of microbubbles made by some 10K gallons an hour pouring through a 150g sump. They are changed out and washed every 2 days. Thanks to a small dedicated washing machine, it's not nearly as big of a hassle as it used to be.


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I Use No Detergent That is A Risk Of Not All Washing Out And getting In Your Tank I Use A Little Bleach With Mine


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I do a small load (about 5-8 bags) at a time with bleach, then I leave them in and run another small load with plain water (no bleach, no nothing). When I pull them out after this, I put them right into service with no issues.


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so it sounds like every ones using them for the same reason, extra filtration but mainly micro bubble control

... the same reason i have for using them


I dont blach mine (bleach only "paints" dirt over)..I just let mine run on the washing machine with hot water, they come out very clean..change them every week.


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i will never use a sump again without them. cannot see reason why. keeps sump, tank and pumps clean. i use a 50micron, change every 5 days or so. want to start every other day. what micron u guys use???