Filtration Purchase


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After reading your article on filtration I have a few questions. Is a certain amount of particulate in my water good for my Corals or is it better to have clear water. Is there a filtraion system you recomend. I am thinking of purchasing the Fluval G6 with a Red Sea C-Skim 1200. Currently I have an overflow with a sponge filter and a sump with bio balls and miracle mud. I had a fair bit of grass in my sump before I introduced the miracle mud but now am attempting to get things growing again. I have a protein skimmer that works fairly well but it is very finicky and hard to keep at the right level.
I have had some problems as of late and suspect filtration may be a contributing factor.
Can you recomend a good testing kit with easy to read results. I currently have one which is hard to read at best and I get different results every time.