Finalizing Stocking Plans for 120 Gallon FOWLR


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Been in the planning stages for months, lurking here, and gathering equipment for my 120 gallon build. Finally got everything together and started cycling the tank about a week ago. No livestock in the tank yet as I don’t want to rush anything (have before and learned from my mistakes) but wanting to finalize my stocking list now that I’m heading in the direction of starting to add fish. Don’t plan to add anything for a couple more weeks, but still want to iron out my stocking list. My current “wishlist” of fish far exceeds my tank (would’ve gone bigger but couldn’t due to space constraints) and could use some help getting it narrowed down to a reasonable number of fish. Currently planning to go FOWLR to open up a few different options.

The list I’ve got together currently again, far exceeds my tank and I have no intentions of adding even half these fish.

It’s somewhat broken down into groups with the order listed corresponding to my desire to have them for the most part, not order of addition or anything like that.

Wrasses -
  1. Radiant Wrasse
  2. Yellow Coris Wrasse
  3. Black Leopard Wrasse
  4. Redtail Tamarin Wrasse
  5. Brunneus Fairy Wrasse
  6. Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse
  1. Scopas Tang
  2. White Tail Bristletooth Tang
  3. Chocolate Tang
  4. Flame Fin Tomini Tang
  5. Yellow Tang
  1. Flagfin Angelfish
  2. Multibar Angelfish
  3. Flame Angelfish
  4. Lamarcks Angelfish
  5. Watanabei Angelfish
  6. Golden Angelfish
  7. Potters Angelfish
  8. Red Stripe Angelfish
Miscellaneous -
  1. Clownfish Pair
  2. Midas Blenny
  3. Magnificent Foxface
  4. Blue Throat Triggerfish
  5. Pyramid Butterflyfish Pair

Mostly looking for opinions on what stocking would likely be the most successful, what others think would work best for a 120, and possible other recommendations of fish that would work well in the system and with some of the fish I’ve listed off.

Appreciate any and all feedback, and thanks.