Fins Won't Heal


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Okay, so my neurotic blue tang has had frayed fins least five months now. Heck, he might've had them since we got him more than a year and a half ago. Anyways, his fins just won't heal. His tail fin's all ragged along the edge, and his pectoral fins have one or two large splits in them. The black on the front part of his mohawk is also missing. He gets fed LRS, green and purple nori at least twice a day, NLS, Hikari Marine S, Hikari Seaweed Extreme, and PE Pellets everyday. The fins are a good colour, aren't discoloured, aren't swollen, and aren't mucous-y. When we got him, I noticed the part of his tail with the scalpels on it is swollen. It's noticeably round.

He's constantly darting into narrow spaces because he's so skittish, so I'm wondering if he just keeps irritating his fins, preventing them from healing.