Fire Clownfish


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I'm looking for any infomation on Fire clowns. I have a small one right now but I'm looking to get more. Can they be put together at all? I know they are very aggressive. For a clownfish anyway. Any info or websites would be great. Thanks as always.


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assuming you are talking about ephippium you shoujld be able to pair them like any other clown. The pairing document in the FAQ should give you all the info you need. The FAQ is stickied at the top of the forum.


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treat them like a tomato. they pair like any other clown. gorgeous fish. My first tank had one in it. they pack an attitude though. hands down the most aggressive clown i have ever owned.


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I have a pair of GSMs in my main tank and in single red saddleback in another tank... housed by herself. Talk about a mean fish. If I have to put my hand in the water for any reason she immediately attacks. Once I was adjusting the lights above the tank and she jumped out of the water (a la a large mouth bass) and bit my arm. Nasty, nasty fish. My GSMs on the other hand are sweethearts.


Rod Buehler

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The most evil fish I have ever owned. I had a breeding pair that would draw blood every time I went into the tank. I have one of their offspring still, and Id give it away to the first person that came through the door and asked for her.