Fire fish has a bruise or something on side?


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So I have noticed my firefish hiding from time to time in his hole. which made me look at him a little closer. I noticed he has what looks like a bruise or a cut on him....although I have no idea what a cut on a fish looks like.

Anytime I throw in food he comes out and eats at a good pace, only to be out done by the female clown. He seems fine other then going to his hole during the day from time to time.

I will try and get a pic, but too hard.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Probably too hard to know from my description.


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Dont worry about it my flame hawkfish gets beaten up all the time and losses fins and stuff and they grow back in a week or two.

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thanks, how long does a bruise or cut visible for?

Right now my tomato clown cut itself on a rock running away from the pink skunk about a week ago and its still there. I would say less than a month though.


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pistol shrimp is your likely suspect. Mine has killed several burrow-sleeping fishes, I strongly suspect, and I am no longer advising people toward that pairing.


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If it's not a cut, something a fish might recieve by miscalculating a sudden dart and hitting a rock. I wonder if the fish might have been stung by a coral. There is a word for this, I can't remember it though.

Just a thought.