Fire Fish M.I.A.


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Had 2 fire fish, 1 went missing in the first week, now the 2ed is gone. Had them in a 29 gal with a lot of rock. Can not find them, they did not carpert surf, not in the sump, not visible in the rocks? No body's!
Have blue chromis, tomato clowns, royal gamma, scooter AND!! a good size serpent star AND!! a brittle star.
Any feed back that the stars could be catching the fish at night???
I did notice that the fire fish hid in the rocks at night.


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when I first got mine they found little holes in the rock that they made their home and made me think they were missing, look for their heads sticking out of holes in the rock, they may still be in the tank.


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I had a brittle star that devoured almost every fish in my tank before I figured it out. It even ate a fuzzy dwarf lionfish. No bones, no nothing. Vanished.

Jersey Dave

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My firefish was MIA for a few days when I first acclimated him, then I found a small hole in my rock that he was hiding in. It's still actually difficult to see him while he's in there. Good luck finding him.


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ditto. both of mine went missing for a few days when i first got them. was going to consider it a loss, then i decided not to feed my tank for a day. the next day i fed the tank, they came out for food.


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I have a blue hippo I bought today that is missing. It really sucks. If he doesnt show up tomorrow I am going to buy another fish this week.


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Do you have any crabs in your tank. If the fish die, they would make first work of the bodies. And yes, they can hide very well. If there is a hole a rock facing towards the back of the tank, they will get in there and you'll never really see them from the front of the tank. I hope that they are still alive, just hiding out. Taker the advise given, wait a day or 2 then feed the tank and see if they come out. If not, they may be gone. I have one that for some reason, loved to hide out in the pre-filter/overflow of my tank, had to go fish it out every now and then.

Also, is there anything aggressive toward them in the tank?



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I concur with everything.......

1) my firefish found a home at the back of the tank ... had to re-aquascape so he couldnt get back there... now he has a home in the front :)


b) i had a couple fish die on me in the middle of the night.... wake up finding all my hermits in a circle around the dead fish picking at it

IF you really wanna make sure he is still alive... move all the rocks out
i DONT suggest this