First clownfish clutch


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So my clowns laid their first set of eggs last Saturday (11 days ago) and there are still some eggs left. They laid a new clutch yesterday around the old clutch, some of the old clutch may have hatched last night or may have been picked off to make room for the new, I don't know. Is it normal to take this long (temp is at 79 F) or is it common to have some eggs not viable in the first clutch? This is all new to me, I plan not to raise the first few clutches so that I can learn the pattern of my clowns and let them get used to laying. The clowns are a female percula (onyx) and a male ocellaris (snowflake).



Each clutch should hatch around day 8 and should be silverish with black eyes, if they are still orange after that long then they are dead. How ever many days the next clutch was laid is the pattern they will be laid now on.


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It may take them several spawns to get in sync with each other. I wouldn't even try raising the fry from the first 3-4 hatches unless you just want to start practicing that facet of raising the fish. You will have a large percent, if not all of them die off in the initial hatches.

All my breeding pairs spawn and hatch like clockwork. I get a new nest every 14-15 days and they hatch after 9 days.