First day shooting........


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I've never used a DSLR before, or SLR for that matter. My roomate has a Canon Rebel XT. Here are a couple of shots I took. If you have feedback, Let me know!

Frogspawn under T5 UV superactinic and T5 ATI Blueplus

Scooby the wonder jawfish! and his best friend a small frag of Xenia he moves daily lol.......

You can get larger images by clicking on these images here
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Haha, Love that jawfish shot.
Looks good for the first time shooting. One suggerstion if you used auto, don't. At least that was what people suggested to me. Play around with the different settings and see what comes out best. That way you will really get the feel for the camera and really be getting good pics.


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I used full manual, but I'm sure there are things that could have been set better. There are a few pics in my gallery that were shot with my canon A520 that doesn't do very well on pretty much anything haha.