first fish feeding questions


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so I put a small clown in the tank from what I can tell it did a short quick cycle. So I am just putting in the one fish to make sure the tank is ok.

anyways I got some flake food for him how often do you feed.?? I have fed him twice now and I brought him home yesterday morning


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Read up on your fish at / and see what they recommend. All fish need a variety of food... your flakes are fine, but get him some frozen stuff too. There are additives for food that you wont need if you give them a variety of food, but it probably wouldn't hurt.


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I agree..Flakes are fine, but switch it up every other day or something, will make the fish happy and heathy...good luck!


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I use Specturm Marine Fish Formula pellets (the small ones)

everyone in my tank seems to like them - and my clowns readily eat it

I also feed Mysis shrimp every week or so and on occasion baby brine shrimp. My clowns eat all of that as well.