First Formalin Dip

jah hoeva

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Got everything I need (bucket, formalin ms, heater, air stone) Quick question, what salinity or sg do you use for the water that you add the formalin too? Just match the qt? I planned on dosing 2ml to 2 gallons.



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I match temp and salinity. Lots of air before the dip and during. Darker room can't hurt. 50min. Put in QT after and don't worry about feeding.

You don't want the temp of the water too hot.

Here is a pretty decent write up on the process....

This process calls for multiple dips. I assume to treat a known infection vs a prophy application. It also calls for 4 weeks of QT after. I think the general consensus with those in the know is closer to 8 weeks +.

Use a syringe to measure!!!!