First Saltwater Tank Biocube 32 vs Red Sea Max?


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Hi All,
I'm new to this forum and the saltwater hobby. I've had a few different sizes of Freshwater tanks over the years.

I've read/searched a lot of the forums and there is a lot of great information.

I've narrowed down to a couple tanks...Biocube 32, Red Sea Max Nano or Red Sea Max E170.

I know these are a little bit in different leagues and sizes, but not sure if I should spend the extra money on the Red Sea Max line? I would like to build a tank with live sand, live rock, anemone, various fish and coral.

Thanks for the help!


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I have the E-170 and can personally say you will not be disappointed. The build quality is amazing, and you have the ability to add the sump in the future if you'd like. If you have the funds, I'd definitely get it. You'll enjoy the extra gallons over the Nano, too.

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If your willing for an in between I would reccomend the Innovative Marine as well. Otherwise I would go with the 170. Not a big fan of the biocube, had both 14 and 29.


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I like the look of the Red Sea max a lot better, but biocube is definitely a more economical entry point. Could always explore the used market in your area to look for some deals. I was almost ready to buy a biocube for my first tank but then I found a used 40 gallon breeder that was already drilled for a sump that was a deal too good to pass up. Really happy now and very good to have the extra water volume.


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Happened to be looking at these today. Tough to beat this deal, isn't it? $265, including a protein skimmer. You probably get what you pay for, but for a starter, seems really reasonable and easy.

I just set up my sc 50g. I was pleasantly surprised with the superior construction of every piece. It replaced my 32 Bio cube. The bio cube is not really a reef tank. Even with the lighting upgrade. The back compartment "sump" needs too many modifications in my opinion.