First Tunze w/multicontroller - quick ?


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I finally got one used off another member. It's the 6100 with the old multicontoller. Works great. I have a 90. I had two Koralia 4's on both ends pointed at one another prior to getting the Tunze. I am hoping to do away with both Koralia's and go with just this tunze. My question is, where is the best position for it? I see pics of tanks with these all over the place. Is it best to just let it shoot across the tank and create a steady pulsing? Or should I put it in the corner and angle it out? Or, should I still use one Koralia? My tank is SPS on top. Any suggestions?
its all up to you. put it in a place that you like and wont be hitting your corals directly, especially for the SPS. youll just have to find that perfect spot
btw, just turn it into a wavebox!!! thats what i would do. just make the acrylic box for it. go to and type in XTMReef, youll see his wavebox made from a 6100
hes got a thread that recently popped up on how to do it. ive got a link on how to do it, but its on a different computer

he goes by XTM on this board, so you could maybe do a search for his thread ill see if i can find it


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1 powerhead for an entire tank? I dont think it would be wise to remove the koralias.

even if you blasted it to the hilt 100%(and I dont know how you would honestly without detroying anything in its path) youd only be at 30x turnover. even with a pulse, its impossible to get random flow, rather youd have a pulse flow, but all in 1 direction.