Fish addition for a 24g...


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Current Fish:
True Perc.
Purple Firefish
Yellow Watchman Goby
Steintz Prawn Goby

I want to add one more fish. Preferably something highly visible that stays out swimming.

Possible additions??
Red Firefish - Would the two co-exist? Purpel & Red in such small tank?
Six-Line Wrasse - I had one several months ago, but removed him because he would not accept new comers. Maybe adding one last?

Any other swimming nano fish?

BTW: I fully understand I am asking for opinions, but lets please keep it to compatible fish and not to "you should not add any more" comments. This isn't my first tank and I understand the principle of "bio-load".


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i'd get a fairy or flasher wrasse. they're really really pretty and usually are out


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won't they get to big for a 24 gal tank.

don't get another fire fish the purple one will fight with it and six lines are mean and for that size tank it can get ugly fast.

you could get a cherub angle........if i think of any others i'll let you know.


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Thanks for the replys

crzy- Yeah my last six line got pretty vicious to new comers. If anything would ever happen to one of my other fish after adding a six-line I doubt I would be able to replace it because of the SLW attitude.

Cherub angels, how safe would that be with inverts, corals, and a clam?? I've never owned one but have heard they can be nippy...