Fish and Coral Ideas for 24 gal nanocube


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Hi there!
I am starting up a 24 gal jbj nanocube, with upgraded pump,150 w heater, 1 420 korilia, lights (LED 28x3 watts), 2" sand bed, give or take 25 lbs of live rock, and 20 lbs of live sand. I am going with a natural filter (just live rock n sand), and my goal is to have a reef tank with low/med light and flow corals. I would like to have max 3 small fish.
I was thinking:
2 oscellaris (false percula clown fish)
1 green clown goby
for fish

mushrooms (all types)
fox coral
sun coral
duncan coral
xenia (pulsing pompom) coral
other peaceful corals

any suggestions? for corals or fish?
any ideas would be really welcome.
btw, I am totally new to this whole thing, and I will be taking it very slow with the system. I am just trying to get a general goal in mind.


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Looks like a good list to me.

You have to spot feed the sun coral multiple times a week, as it is not photosynthetic.


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I think it all sounds great except the sun coral. Some people do succeed with those but I would at least get started with the other corals and get experienced with those first. Non photosynthetic are tricky because to feed them enough you can end up totally polluting the tank with a lot of food.

Have fun!