Fish and Liverock FS


I'm taking down my tank
The fish and Liverock need to go 1st
tank and accesories listed after

200 Lbs Live Rock
$3/lb for Big pieces
$2/lb for smaller

Purple Tang (Nice ) $45
Bonded pair of False Percula's (not proven ) was told Eggs were laid from the person I got them from $50
Lawnmower Blenny $25
Engineer Goby $10
Hippo Tang (Survivor of Original Zoo Tank ) $20
Cardinal Fish $10
3 Blue Chromis $10
Pm or E-mail


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I bought the purple tang from dank11 and he is mint!!!! The clowns that are for sale are amazingly huge, they would make a nice addition to someone's tank! I would recommend going and picking them up, and the Engineer goby has got to be like 12" long. Thanks I am quite happy. FYI, dank11 has alot of live rock and nice pricing, I dont need any but someone Im sure could get a nice deal!!!!!


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thanks for the live rock it worked perfect for what I wanted I wish I would have grabbed a little of the branch as well. lmk about the other stuff I am really interested