fish compatability question


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i jus started a 120g bout 3 months ago and ive been thinking of which fish should b my "center pieces" i was thinking of going wit a coral beauty angel, flame angel, and a Naso tang. i was wondering if these 3 can live 2gether peacefully. any other suggestions would b appreciated


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I think you "should" be fine with your tank being 120 gallons. You never know for sure with dwarf angels though. They could just fight all the time.

If you really want the two angels together I would try to add the two at the same time for your best chance of them getting along together. The tang should not be a problem with your other choices.
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The two angels should be ok.

I would consider a different tang, the Naso I would not do in a 120g. They get very large and need lots of swimming room, they love to swim. I would love to put a naso in my 120 but it just doesnt seem fair to the fish.