Fish for sale..... prices reduced


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Getting out, selling everything. Starting with the livestock.
I'm located in south Fort Collins.

I've still got over 175 lbs of nice, live rock for $3 lb, a good bit of it has nice purple coraline algea on it.
I've got over 100 lbs of live sand for $1 lb


a nice pair of mating True Percula Clownfish (3.5" and 2") for $80

a nice pair of Allard's Clownfish (4" and 2.5") with a rose bubble anemobne for $100

a 5" Yellow Tang for $35

a 4" Blonde Naso Tang for $50

a Divers Den special 6+" Blue Faced Angel (not reef safe) for $125

a very nice 5+" male Watanabe Angel (reef safe) for $110

a 3" Black and White Heniochus Butterfly for $30

a blue/yellow Damsel for $7

Please bring your own containers when picking up livestock.

I also have some snails, crabs, and shrimp, but I'll have to wait and see exactly what's in there after I clear some other stuff out.
I know I have a fire shrimp, and I saw a peppermint shrimp a week ago.
I might give some of these away for free if you purchase other items.

I've got lots of equipment and supplies to sell after the livestock is gone.

Thanks, Jim


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Sold a bunch of fish today.
I have 2 fish left.
The blue/yellow damsel for $7, and the Divers Den special 6+" Blue Faced Angel (not reef safe) for $125.

I still have lots of Live Rock and Live Sand.



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do u have a phosban reactor by any chance that will be for sale?
if so how much and will u be willing to ship? if willing to how much +shipping to 52732.


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They are Two Little Fishies Phosban reactors.
They've been used about 1 year. They come with original boxes, instructions, and all accessories.
Retail price is $40 to $50.
My asking price is $25 each plus $10 shipping.

I also have two new, unopened 150g containers of Two Little Fishies Phosphate Absorption Media. Retail is about $17.50.
My asking price is $12 each.

I also have a 4L container of Seachem Phosguard. This is opened and I used about 1 cup of it. Retail is about $52. my asking price is $40.

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It does come with a ball valve. It doesn't come with tubing, but I can include some tubing if you want me to.



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ok i will take one tubing would be great as well i won't beable to get to the bank till monday though. also do i pay for it through paypal or how do i get u the money? Also 35 total $25 plus $10 for shipping right?