Fish, JBJ wifi hood and equipment must go, leaving hobby


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Hi all. I've actually been in the hobby since 2005 but I am done. I live in Huntington near the harbor. I don't want to take pics to show you how embarrassingly dead everything in the tank is after a crash last year. I tried and tried but I give up.

1. The following are FREE to a good home:
-1x Percula clown (don't remember if it's false or true) and an LTA that might not make it, but they are hosted
-1x eye spot watchman goby
-1x green chromis
-1x greyhead wrasse (beautiful rainbow colors, curious and active)
(all are between 4-6 yo and are healthy, no ich, nothing new has been in tank in 2-3 years)


I'm a disabled vet and a high school teacher. It's sad to see this end but I want these beautiful fish to be rescued. Message me. Not sure giving a number is safe...bots?
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For starters, thank you for your service.
I recommend NOT putting your phone number here, but you being a brand new member, you do not have access to our private messaging system.We really like for the site to be something more than just selling, so we have measures in place designed to encourage participation here before you get access to certain "perks of membership".
Last, we have some pretty strict rules around using our resources to sell, again, we encourage participation in exchange of information. One of them is that anything you want to sell here, must be priced. This is why your post above has been edited.