Fish load.

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Hey I was wondering what the maximum fish load for a 55 gallon tank was?
So far I have only 4 fish.
What do you think is the max?
2 clarkii clowns
1 royal gramma
1 blue hippo tang 5"
The tang is doing very well and I have had him the longest.


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I'd say you're pretty close to capacity.
Perhaps one or two more depending on what it is,
but I'd say you're stocked pretty well (That is if you want corals, FO is a different story)

I'm running my 30G on FULL and perhaps even over stocked status.
Granted I have a 20G sump and a 10G fuge so that's 60G's of water volume.

But I have,
2 Percs clowns
1 Yellow tang
1 Long nose hawk
1 Sand Sifting Goby
1 Mean as hel* Damsel down in the sump
1 Sally lightfoot
30 Hermits
20 Various snails
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For FO, depending on what you have for filtration; I'd say 2 or 3 more fish, ALSO depending on their size..

The more you add though, the tougher the balancing act becomes, and the faster you can crash a tank.


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A lot depends on how heavy you skim and how often you do water changes. I once saw a 120G with LOTS of tangs (at least 10+) in them. This person had some of the rarest of SPS in his tank, but they were are doing great even with the heavy bioload. The fish all appeared to be happy because they were very well fed. The thing is that this person skimmed the he** out of the tank.