Fish Only Tank


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I am going to have my 37G rectangle fish only tank starting up in the next 3 months, my plans go like this:
Tank: 37 G rectangular tank
Filters: Penguin 200 Bio Wheel and API Nexx 55gal or Filstar XP Small (please give me feedback on which canister filter is better)
Lighting: LED: 42 white / 3 blue
Heating: 200W submersible heater
Protein Skimmer: Coralife Super Skimmer Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer 65 gallon or SeaClone Protein Skimmer 100 (once again please leave feedback on which one is better)
Powerhead: Not sure what amount I need, please recommend
Substrate: 5-7" sand bed, which sand is the best? does it have to be live if I have sandsifting inhabitants, please help me here
Decor: Coral inserts
- 2 Pink Skunk Clowns
- 1 Yellowhead Jawfish
- 1 Citrinis Goby
- 1 Colored Filefish
- 1 Firefish
- 1 Green Chromis

Please give me any advice on this tank and recommend products that I am in need of answers for, thank you !


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Canister filters are not great for salt water aquariums, if possible I would recommend a sump but that is your choice


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What's your reason for having a HOB and a canister filter both?

To be honest, if you're planning on hanging that much equipment on your tank (HOB filter, canister returns), I'd use a HOB overflow (the U-tube types run better than the CPR types) and run a sump instead.

However, to answer your question, I've used Fluval and Eheim canisters in the past. The Eheim was much better made, and lasted forever (I finally broke it by dropping the "motor section" of it an snapping off one of the barbs).


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I would be using two filters because in fish only if you dont have live rock, i have heard that you need a great amount of filtration.


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Is the DSB part of your filtration plan, or is it there for the jawfish?

I personally would use #1 grade aragonite as a's a better grain size than sugar fine, and definitely lays down better. Tideline makes some REALLY nice stuff if you can find it.


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Agree with Greg on the substrate for your particular fish list, jawfish mainly. If he sand is too fine the burrows they dig will keep collapsing on itself. The larger pieces like Greg recommends will keep the burrow structure nicer