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i have a 420g reef and i'm looking for a trigger i have a small niger and i'm looking for somthing that's coral safe and large fish safe i don't have any inverts i was looking at a queen any tips also no Xanthichthys


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That pretty much leaves genus Melicthys...any of the "reef triggers" aren't coral safe, and a queen is one of the nastiest of the bunch.

Anything else will put you at the mercy of an individual fish's temperament, so it's a trial and error thing at that point.


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you can do blue throats or pink tale's i have both in a reef with inverts they don't bother a thing


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Blue throat/Blue jaw and pink tails are rather reefsafe IME. I've also heard Crosshatches do well in reefs but those are mucho $$$ and difficult to find!!! :D



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blue throat/pink tail/cross hatch are all Xanthichthys.

i think you are looking for a trigger that doesnt exist in the hobby with that criteria


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One more q what about a humu humu from what I've read they're as mean as nigers

First, I wouldn't classify nigers as mean. There's a HUGE spectrum of personality in nigers; wider than any other trigger, IME. I've seen some basically obliterate tanks, and others get chased around by firefish. On average, they're towards the lower end of trigger aggression.
So, that said, yes, on average, Rhinecanthus triggers are more aggressive. They're definitely more prone to taking out cleanup crew, corals, and such.


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Humu triggers can be as mean as anything. I had one that pretty much killed anything it could. The only thing safe was the snowflake moray. Needless to say that fish had to go....:uzi:


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Don't overlook the Sufflamen genus. They would in fact meet your requirements. They are coral safe (maybe not frag safe, no trigger is), and they are large fish safe. They have the typical trigger look, with more of a Niger personality. Some of them, like the Blue Throat (not the Xanthicthys Blue Jaw) are great looking fish.


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I have had a pair of blue throats in a reef for over 2 years and neither has touched a coral, fish or shrimp or crabs. They are model fish and great to look at with wonderful personalities. THey are very shy at first, most hide for up to a week.