fish shock > death


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Fish shock/trama then dies. Has anyone had any experiance with this? I had the strangest thing happen to me last night. To make a long story somewhat shorter, I pulled all of my rocks in my tank out. During the capturing of fishes, I basically catch 1 and put it into the kid's 10gal tank which has 2 onyx clowns in it. After the 3rd anthia, I end up catching 1 of my female flames. Nothing different, she's flopping around in the net etc etc. I put her into the 10gal. she swims off, then i notice her starting to dart all over the place. Biff bamm boomm she bolts like never before. My son's like " ehhh daddy i think your flame is going nuts" i'm like eh... she looks a bit crazy and all of the other fishes are staring at her at this point. I tell my son "she just wants the attention" move on and caught the rest of my fishes. Then i notice after all the fishes are in the 10gal, there is one that is upside down and slowly breathing. I look closer and sure enough its the same flame as earlier. I was shocked... then saddened when it finally stopped breathing. I thought of administering CPR or maybe like a jolt of electricity to jump start her but I couldn't find any safe tools to do so.

Anyhow, the question of the story... has anyone ever experianced anything like that? I asked a local reefer, he said it most likley is shock which i can totally see happening. + he's a fish expert but i thought id throw it out there and see if anyone else saw this before. This was a perfectly healthy and eating fish, not shy at all and eats pretty much out of my hands. So it pains me to see that she had to die in such a wierd manner.


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I'm guessing not acclimating the fish to the new tank probably stressed it to death. Who knows though really. These fish seem to die for unknown reasons all the time. Sorry for your loss.


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Yes, it happens, esp. if they have been in an established system for a while. When I had to change tanks I lost some nice fish to shock (both fresh and salt). I don't think it's just different water parameters either, though some loss could be that, I've had some fish look like they lose it emotionally and belly up :( just like you describe.


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ic. this is the first time ive ever witnessed such a loss, been keeping fish for a long time, fw and now sw, never witnessed this before. I understand not acclimating and all but this fish just plain old made it too big of a deal. she just took it harsh... really harsh... all the way to the grave harsh. prolly was a premadonna fish thats y she only ate via handfed... anyhow it sounds pretty typical then.


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I had my male Percula do the same thing even after acclimation when switching to my new tank he went into shaking and darting all over the place for 10 minutes then dead.

I'm still not 100% sure why but I figured shock ? that was my best "guess"

Since you didn't acclimate I would guess shock in your case (Maybe PH change).
I'm glad you didn't lose anymore.
Some thing's we will never know for sure in this hobby