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Ok, Im starting to game plan for my 92 gal upgrade. I know I have already asked aq few of you, but I would like input from all the prosw we have here and thanx in advance for any help or advice. The ones I have a * are fish that I already have that will be transfered to the 92, the ones that arent, wellthose are the ones Im looking for to add in my upgrade. Thanks again.

Neon Goby *
Neon Goby - Gold
Ocellaris Clown *
Ocellaris Clown - Black *
Blue Cheek Sleeper Goby
Blue Cheek Sleeper Goby (Pair)
Rock Beauty Angel *
Coral Beauty Angel *
One Spot Fox Face
Gold Rim Tang or Powder Brown Tang (Undecided)
Starry Blenny or Horned Blenny (Undecided)

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as far as the tangs go i like the Powder Brown Tang a little better. and the blennys, i like the coloration of the starry but i love the horns of the horned. so i guess which ever on that. id prolly end up going with the horned blenny though. on the gobys i think a pair would be cool. i always love pairs.

thats my imput but im not even close to a pro :/. I'd love to see the tank when you are done!


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Sounds good to me as long as you have a good skimmer.

I have alot of fish in a 75g, without any problems. I skim on the wet side and do frequent water changes.

my stock list;
yellow tang
blue tang
brown tang
pair of clown fish
sleeper goby
3 chromis
midas blenny




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Thnx guys for the help. Chef, any time you want, you let me know, you can swing by.

Any body else want to add their .02 or more Im looking for it!! Thnx in advanced again!!


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I also like the the look of the powder brown tangs.
I believe Pets Unlimited had a couple of real beautiful small to medium specimens a couple of days ago.
I may be wrong about the shop, but I know I saw a couple last week that almost made me dip into one of the forbidden credit cards.

I also tend to stock on the heavy side so that list for a 92 doesn't look bad at all to me.
Ding2daDong's advice is noteworthy.
My only additional input is you might want to spread out the timing of adding each new fish.
Start with the one you want the most and slowly add from there.
I say that not only for the bioload to adjust, but you never know what amazing fish you're going to randomly stumble across in your favorite LFS and it would suck if your tank is already maxed-out.

On a side note, frankly I'm amazed that you've had no problems with the two angels in a 28 up till now.
I've got a coral beauty in my 125 that becomes a holy terror if another angel is in the tank no matter what I do.

Btw, congratulations on the upgrade.


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loyalrogue thank you very much, and thanx for the advice. I was thinking of adding a fox first then transfer my current live stock then, buy each other fish seprately, spread out.

As far as the Angels go, I am also amazed. however the rock beauty is only3/4" - 1". I caught the bigger coral beauty that had already been there. I put her in a plexi glass see thru container inside the tank and kept her there for a week while he rock beauty got comfy. before I released the coral beauty I put a mirror on each side of the tank and let her go.

She really doesnt mess w the rock beauty, she doesnt like her but doesnt chase her. THe rock beauty keeps her distance, but theres no harrasing.

Any body else got any ides I might be missing.