Fish Stocking 25gal


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Hi everyone,
I wanted your opinion on Fish stocking for my 25gal tank. Tank already has some corals, 1 hermit and a turbo.

Im looking at getting:
- 1 firetail goby
- 2 Black clowns(unpaired, hopefully thy will pair up)
- 1 cardinal
I want to avoid getting any notorious damsels and diggers that will stir up my sand. I would prefer fish that will live peacefully together

What are your thoughts?


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Hmm, Ok
I will think about that Cardinal...
I actually now considering a panda or percula clowns. Costs double though
Yellow watchman gobies are hard to find at my local LFS's, I think they will stir up my sand bed, but I'll keep a look out.
I'll get a firetail and clowns first and see how they go. Would it be best to introduce them all at once?
Thanks for the input people.


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Your tank looks great. You've done a nice job I like the scape. I would go with the two clowns first. Let your filter catch up with the clowns and then add the Firefish next. One thing about Firefish is that they are very timid. So be mindful of that they are also known jumpers and I see you have a rimless build. Something to keep in mind as well.