Fish that eat aptasia


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I can't put shrimp in my tank since the addition of the adorned wrasse, that means nothing to eat pesky aptasia. Are there any fish that eat them that I could have in my tank? I believe the copperband butterfly does but also read my 80g might be too small for it. Also they may be hard to get to eat? Anyone got any advice please?

300l (80g) tank

36 kg crushed coral and aragonite substrate*
40kg live rock
Deltec mce600 skimmer
1000lph filter pump
Filter floss*
1 2800 lph pump,( hydor koralia 3200)
1x hydor koralia 1600 pump

1 algae blenny*
1 kole tang
1 Royal gramma
1 adorned wrasse*

1 strawberry conch*
3 nassarius snails*
6 small red legged hermits
1 Mexican turbo snail
1 tuxedo urchin
1 tube anemone*

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Yup, Matted Filefish (Acreichthys tomentosus) should do it. Just make sure you get captive-bred, or else you run the risk of getting a mislabeled species that doesn't eat aiptasia.


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Lol I have 3 tanks total. I have two filefish in my main DT. When one of the other tanks break out with aptasia, I just scoop up one of them and put them in there. After a few days the aptasia is gone. What's funny is that they have figured this out so when I get the net in they just swim over and let me scoop them up and transfer them. Have never seen fish do this before. Originally I did not feed my tank for two days over the weekend and when I came back from reserve duty, all the aptasia was gone. I was lucky. I knew the previous owner of the fish and knew that they ate aptasia.


Yep - an Aiptasia Eating Filefish will take care of that problem for you. I have one and he wiped out all my Aiptasia within three weeks. Yet he won't touch my inverts. Gets along great with my nine other fish. He's great...


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My Filefish been eating pellets for the last four years because of no Aiptasia. I think he forgot how or have no taste for them any more


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Mine took care of the Aiptasia, but nips on SPS.
I put him in the overflow box because of this, but then started getting some aiptasia returning. He keeps them down to what seems like zero, but some will always regrow if he is not around. Therefore I just keep him in the tank. The sps still grow fine, but polyps are lacking during daytime.
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