Fish with Clams lot of questions


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I am getting ready to start my tanks cycle. Drilled glass 48"x15"x18", 3gal HOB refugium, 12 gal sump, 2x250watt 6500 MH, 110watt pc 10,000, 110watt pc actinic, 2X4" 100cfm fans in the canapy and 1 6" fan under the Tank, quit one return pump, 2 closed loops with 600 gph each. DIY calcium reactor, Reefdevil 3 skimmer with mag 7, 2 150watt ebj heaters, 4-5" DSB aragonite, 40lbs uncured Fiji rock, 20 lbs very dense "holy" limestone rock. auto top off. ro/di for water. I am looking to keep 3 or 4 clams. and want to be sure these fish will be ok; 1 or 2 true clowns, 1 purple fire fish. will I need a six line wrasse for snail control? Yellow tang or Other? algie eater, And some type of gobie. Will any of these fish both featherdusters? Is there any type of star fish that I can keep with the clams?. What are the best types of coral to keep with clams, Softies, LPS, SPS. And which snails are best? and how about a porcaline crab, No hermits:) Thanks for your time and comments.
Sounds like a great tank to set up! Sixline wrasse and yellow tang are good choices(now I am looking at this as a clam/clams). Firefish is OK. Crabs make us alittle nervous! The lights yes they are exactly what we need! Calcium yes 400 plus is good! Corals are ticky they cannot shade us from the lights or sting us.
Now remember us clams like alittle nitrate (maybe more fish?) Some of the turbo snails get so big they can knock us off our resting places---makes us most unhappy!
Hello. Most of my corals in my tanks are long gone now. Had to make room for more clams!
Good luck!