Fishroom Pictures.


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I took some updated pictures of my fishroom yesterday and thought I'd share them...

The first picture is my newest addtion. It's a 50 gal rubbermaid stock tank frag tank. It has a 400w XM 10k bulb over it with a 2600 SEIO for circulation. There is also approx. 400 GPH coming from the drains of my tank.

To the left of the frag tank is my 55 gal cryptic fuge. It has low flow and no light. I need to black out the sides soon so algae doesn't grow. All that's in there are sponges, rock and pods. More rock will be added soon.

<img src="">

Next you see my 100gal sump with my GEO needle wheel skimmer, along with carbon which is being run to clean up some water a bit. I have 2 60gal water holding tanks. One is filled with saltwater at all times, the other RO/DI. My laptop is connected to my Aquatronica controller. I have a GEO CA reactor providing all my CA/Alk needs.

<img src="">

<img src="">

Ask questions if you like... Do what you will.

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Sometimes the fish room pics are more interesting than the tanks! Someday I may be so lucky.

I agree. Can we also see some tank pics?
Thanks everyone... I'll get some tank pictures up sometime this weekend. I just did a flatworm exit treatment and stuff isn't looking that great at the moment. Hopefully by Sunday I'll have some tank photo's for ya.
very nice. here in FL there is no such thing as a basement. You dig 24" down and you'll hit water! looks awesome... i definitely wish i had space for all that!