Five big sps colonies for $500.


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I am trying to make room. It's great for some one with a big tank and wants to fill in the empty space( Miyagi tort"huge", blue berry field,joe the coral, Nana"tricolor", and frog skin. I will throw in a huge colony of forest fire digitata for free if some one buys all 5.



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Hi Shawn,
Just out of curious, Have you had a CSB and sold it to Amazing aquariums & reef before?(Ali) Your name just ring the bell :rollface:


No, not me. Never sold any to Ali.
I actually have not sold any BTA's in a couple years. And the ones I sold were super jumbo in size, no cuttings. I think I know who you are referencing.... drama seller-
Still have all mine. Taking over the aquariums.