fixing to start building my 75 gallon aquariums stand, how tall


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how tall should I make my stand, I am wanting a tall stand, but I also want a canopy and I dont want one or the other looking out of places because one is too tall

im thinking 30 inches tall for a stand ???


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Mine's 37" high and sometimes I wish it was a little taller. It depends where its going to go, but if you have a sump, with a skimmer in it, remember that the skimmer wont be all the way down on the floor, and the frame on the top of the stand will have a height as well (probably the width of a 2x4). So make sure you can get the skimmer in and out of the sump, as well as access the collection cup.


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dont have a sump lol

this tank came from petco , and It doesnt have a overflow built in

I think I could still have a sump but ive never lookied into that

that siphon sump thing lol


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I really like mine to be on the shorter side. When I had my 40br going, I had it at the perfect height where I could just park myself in a chair in front of it.

Now my 15 gallon rimless is on an end table off the side of the couch. Awesome.


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Mine is 36 inches and fits everything just fine but i too wish it was taller so I don't have to stoop or sit in order to view my tank. My canopy is 14 inches tall


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Mine is 33" tall. I like the height because I like to pull up a chair and watch for a while. Here's a picture during my build phase (wow...I need to get on the ball and take some FTS's) Mine was designed to fit a standard 55 gallon tank below and uses the silent/failsafe overflow design described by the Beananimal thread in the DIY section.



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I personally have a drilled tank and love that I don't have to worry about the siphon breaking on an overflow box and causing a floor, but in the same way, if you buy a quality box it can have its benefits. For one on a drilled tank the overflow takes up a big chunk of the tank (if its not custom) whereas with a box you get a lot of that real estate back.

Just remember that an overflow box is going to be responsible for moving all the water in your tank multiple times per day. Its not something you want to skimp on.


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I cant drill a hole in my tank, Im not going to take a chance in my tank chipping, cracking or breaking lol

so for me its either just hang on filters, canister frilers, and skimmers for me on this 75