Flame angel with HLLE


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I don't have a picture right now but, but im 99% sure my Flame angel has HLLE, he is still eating and active but its getting pretty bad.

Honestly im a bit confused why he got it, i have had him for 4 years and two years in the current 32g biocube. Nitrates are always near 0 and the food has been the same for the past 4 years (But i am upping the frozen food to a more green diet, just incase its the food)...

But due to a never ending fight with hair algae i started running
A large bag of Carbon,
And chemi pure elite

After learning that carbon can cause HILLE, i removed the carbon, but should i also throw out the phosphate pad and chemi pure?? Thinking of removeing the chemi pure and keeping the pad, and running a bunch of filter floss in hopes of removing and carbon that may be floating around